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The Federal Territory Amateur fencing Association (FTAFA) was formed in 1978 and it has two main objectives.
They are :-

1) The promotion and furtherance of fencing as a sport.
2) The representation of the FT State Association in the national body,
    Malaysian Fencing Federation (MFF).

FTAFA is proud to be able to consistantly churn out good fencers to represent the country in various international competitions like the SEA Games, SEAFF Championships, Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games. Malaysia's best achievement in fencing is a gold medal in the men's individual foil event in the 1989 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games. The gold medallist is Mr.Lim Teng Piao from FTAFA. Mr. Lim went on to win another gold medal in the SEAFF Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1990.

FTAFA is also an associate member of the FT State Sports Council. The association is self funding depending on donations from generous individual donors and corporations. The FT State Sports Council also occasionally gives grants to further our cause.

Membership fees are collected yearly with working adults paying RM20 and students RM5.