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Committee members

President : Mr.Larry Gan
Vice President : En. Zulkifli Bin Ishak     
Honorary Secretary : Mr. Mok Chek Wlong  
Honorary Treasurer : Mr. Leong Pak Cheong
Committee members : Puan Latifah, En. Kamarul Azman, En. Johann Nawawi
Auditors : Dr. Leo Ann Mean, En Mohd. Faisal

The following are current paid up members of FTAFA



1. Ali Caksu 1. Chan Foong Mae
2. Alvin Chew 2. Jacqueline Ng Su Ming
3. Andrew Lim 3. Jane Yee Yoke Peng
4. Azman Azam B. Sulaiman 4. Latifah
5. Eng Soo Kam 5. Mary Anne Joseph
6. Evan Ho 6. Siti Zaharah
7. George Lee Chern Chiang 7. Tan Gim Nee
8. Gerald Martinez 8. Tan Gim Ning
9. Gilbert Behhing 9. Thong Mei Chuen
10. Johann Nawawi
11. Jonathan Cheng
12. Kamarul Azman
13. Khairul Idzham
14. Larry Gan
15. Leo Ann Mean
16. Leong Pak Cheong
17. Mohamed A J Sinclair
18. Mohamed Faisal
19. Mohd Azharuddin
20. Mok Chek Wlong
21. Ram Narayanan
22. Zulkilfli @ Zulkifli Bin Ismak

Membership fees -

Working adults - RM20 per annum
Students - RM5 per annum

** Only fencers who are paid up members of a state association are eligible to take part in competitions.
*** Fencers that has not been submitted their email to the webmaster, please do so by email to us.